Dear All Singapore Stuff,

Bros.. try not to make jokes or give unnecessary remarks ah.. cause I am actually quite hurt over this matter. So you see…I’ve been with this girl for slightly less than a year but there were a lot of memories and she’s also my first love. Broke up about 2 months ago and it still fucking hurts. Everytime i think about her, I start to tear. Sometimes unintentionally I get reminded of her from different things and it makes my heart get that weird tight chest feeling. I feel really miserable but not to the extent of not being able to eat or function normally.

Just that I am putting on a fake front in front of my friends pretending I’m ok but in reality I’m not. I broke down at home a few times and my mummy tried to ask me what happened but I just said it’s nothing much. I tried doing different things already to put it down, for example go out with friends and drown myself in games but it’s like not really helping to move on??? The worst feeling is whenever I think of her getting together with
another guy, I start to cough uncontrollably because I can’t take it lying down then I’ve lost her.

I’m sure a lot of people here had girls who came and left in their life so I wanna know how long did it take for you to move on? (for those you really loved seriously and not just playing around)

Getting a new gf won’t work.. It’s not like going to uniqlo and shopping for a new pair of jeans man…

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