<Facebook apology by Professor Donald Low>

The following is the email I sent the Law Minister after I saw his FB post last night.

"Dear Minister, I agree with your FB post and I apologize if I have caused you any trouble or offence. My post was mostly a reaction to the headline of the Today article, which I thought didn't represent your position accurately.

I had read the piece in full, but didn't give your comments sufficient attention in my post. I apologize for that. Anyway for what it's worth, I was trying to point out that public opinion, even if it's a factor in criminal punishment, is highly contingent, often irrational and subject to sudden changes.

My post wasn't aimed at you or your comments in the article; it was my take on what was wrong with a criminal justice system based on public opinion.

But I accept that my post, in the context of the Today article carrying your comments, might be viewed as a criticism of you or your comments. That wasn't my intention at all.

Once again, I apologize if I have caused you trouble or offence.

Best regards, Donald"

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