Redditor RavenGamingSG shared pictures of a disgusting find in his cup of McDonalds milo after he bought it from their Loyang Point branch. After drinking his milo, he realised there was a foreign object in his drink and upon further inspection saw a nozzle of sorts in it.

An ex-McDonalds staff who saw the nozzle claimed that it was part of the milo dispensing machine which often came loose and could have accidentally fallen into the drink without the staff realising.

Credits redditor RavenGamingSG:

"found some nozzle in my drink So I bought a Breakfast Deluxe from [email protected] Point about 30 minutes ago. Ate it, was OK at most. Waited about 10 minutes and the food wasn't even warm. Whatever, just makan only. Got some weird hard thing in one of my pancakes. Whatever, looked like some fucked up flour or something idk.

Then on my way home, drinking my milo, I realized, something was in my fucking cup. I opened it and saw there was some fucking nozzle or some shit probably from the machine at the McDonalds. What the fuck."

Found this in my Milo from [email protected] Point

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