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There have been an increase in stories in the press lately about fake charity and donation drive efforts. I just came across this post on a friend’s FB about a dishonest charity effort that angered me and prompted me to share:

Madam Fion Phua ( is a well known local charity organiser who had previously been awarded the President’s Volunteerism and Philanthropy Award. She leads a charity group called Keeping Hope Alive.

On Apr 25 Mdm Phua posted a pic on her FB of a stack of SP Services bills and thanking a “Jing King Tech Holdings Pte Ltd” for helping 17 families to settle their utility bills.

She subsequently posted another note however to clarify that her group had nothing to do with a a woman by the name of Siti Norani Salim (, who purportedly runs a charity effort called Project Goodwill Aid. This Siti Norani had posted the same pic in her own FB post stating that she was at SP Services to pay off the bills!

Siti Norani subsequently posted another note on her FB to clarify that it was a “misunderstanding”. She has since taken down her posts related to the incident however.

In addition to these FB donation scams and fake flag day collections, there have also been campaigns on online donation sites that have been suspicious (

While it’s good that Singaporeans can be so kind hearted, we should not be naive and over-trusting as well. Dishonest people out to take advantage of humanity and cheat under the auspices of charitable causes should be named and shamed, if not punished.

Disgusted Singaporean
A.S.S. Contributor

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