Dear All Singapore Stuff,

Yesterday. 28/4/17 (Fri); after paying a visit to my elder brother who lives in Fajar Rd (Off Bt. Panjang). About 6- 7 yrs I never travelled by MRT from my place to Fajar. I failed to visit my elder brother at Ng Teng Fong hospital & after his discharge from the hos. Immediately I proceeded to his residence.

Problems was that after alighting from the LRT at Chua Chu Kang MRT stn. I was at the loss of how to descend the Fast-Moving Escalator down. Luckily & coincidentally your Passenger /Customer Service Officer who is very Alert & observant came to my Rescue. She is so Helpful and without hesitation Assisted me, Walked down with you & hold my hand /Arm tightly.

I told her that I just Undergo Surgery last year (first time took the challenge.. travel so distant away by MRT instead of Taxi!) & “phobia” on the fast-moving escalator. I Asked for her name. Her approaching and gentle reply is: “Never mind is our duty”.

I missed her batch Name. She is a very friendly, “Go Extra miles to assist any obstacles faced” , helpful. Sweet muslim lady who wear ” Tudong” I never hesitate to nominate her at least With GEM spirit and deserve a “SERVICE EXCELLENCY AWARD” Asset to yr organisation To treasure her working attitude and spirit.

The time that I was strayed a while there Was around 6.10 to 6.15 p.m She was on Duty with another lady colleague who is also very helpful. Beyond description. When I reached the ground level of the escalator. I was so Blurred that I made the left turn instead of the Right.

She bothered to descend and Direct me the Right spot. I was so delighted and Very Touched by her Sincere and Overwhelming affectionate Heart!!

Still forgot to obtain her NAME. I don’t know how to express my Gratitude towards her.!!

Shirley Chuah
A.S.S. Contributor

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