Pls help a friend in need. Her Father got a cardiac arrest upon arrived in Tokyo last week and the medical bill + air ambulance is rising up to S$250K & more! Even the family purchased the travel insurance but it was deny due to pre-existing medical condition. They are in urgent need and bringing their Father back to SGP for treatment.

A very sad case with her Mother being a breast and ovarian cancer patient. She deserve our every help….. so regardless of who you are, races, religion, nationality…. we can make a BIG difference!

Donation can be via online via Give Asia regardless of amount big or small or we can help to share this to our timeline. Please HELP!

“After my dad collapsed, he was resuscitated and admitted to the ICU of Toho Medical University Omori Hospital on 19 April 2017. Since then, he has been placed on mechanical support and has remained unconscious throughout.

We were told that his heart was beating irregularly and stopped for an extended period of time, causing his brain to suffer permanent damage. According to the Japanese doctors, it is impossible to determine how long my dad will remain comatose. It could be a week, a year, or forever.

His medical bills are rising exponentially. The first night alone costs S$40,000, and every subsequent night in the ICU costs approximately S$10,000. We are now 1 week into his hospitalization and owe the hospital approximately S$120,000 (and counting).

Unlike most people, my dad does not have any life insurance. His travel insurers, MSIG, have informed us that we are unlikely to have a successful claim as his collapse was attributable to a pre-existing heart condition. As such, they were also not able to provide a letter of guarantee for payment to the hospital. In the absence of such letter, we have been notified to make upfront payment in cash for the entire hospital bill. Specifically, 10% of the bill on the day we leave the hospital, and the remaining 90% within the following week.

To put it plainly, we have ZERO financial help from our insurers – not for his hospitalisation, nor any medical evacuation plans that we hope to execute.

While my father’s life hangs on the line on foreign soil, we have no idea if and when we will be able to bring him home. His medical team’s current opinion is that he is unlikely to ever recover from this, and even in the unlikely event that he does, his QOL will be severely diminished. In short, he could be alive and yet not living.

Our hope is to bring him back to Singapore, where we can receive subsidized healthcare and financial aid, not to mention emotional support from our loved ones. However, our only viable option is to arrange for a medical evacuation, which will cost us another approximately SGD$120,000 (based on quotations obtained) that we are unprepared for but have to shoulder.”

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