It has come to my attention that yesterday, a staff of Ripcurl from Marina Square has tweeted something distasteful about a customer she served yesterday.

The staff, named XXXXX, tweeted the following:
“Tdy customers so jinak me likey. This cust bought a top which makes her look likka sarung nangka, jut bcs I said it looks nice on her HAHAHA”

Basically, she was saying that her customers for the day were very tame, as one of them bought an outfit which clearly didn’t suit or fit her but still bought it anyway because the staff said it was nice. People like this makes me question humanity. Her selfishness can be seen in how she’s after money and sales rather than being honest about it. Isn’t service going the extra mile and providing for your customers instead of for your own benefits?

Even so, if that kind of customer service is too much to ask for, is it appropriate to even tweet about a customer and describe him/her that way? How is it even okay to compare them to animals and describe them as tame? Does she not have any feelings? What if the customer saw this and had confidence issues? Bullying is one of the highest cause of suicides in youth. Yes, freedom of speech, its the Internet and you can say what you want especially on your account. But that doesn’t mean you can act irresponsibly and say whatever you want without caring if it hurts others or incites hate or not.

I hope this comes to the attention of everyone, not just in the retail industry. The medical profession practices strict confidentiality to protect their patients but I believe that everyone providing any form of service to anyone should practice the same. No one should be speaking ill of the people they provide service to. If an issue arises that makes them unhappy then they should bring the matter to management or customer themselves, instead of being unprofessional and tweeting mean things about it.

A.S.S. Contributor

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