Unless you are a foreigner, or have been living under rock, almost everyone will notice that Singapore is a multiracial and multireligious society.

This did not stop an anonymous netizen from asking a potentially seditious question on Quora.

He wrote: “What are the best areas to live in Singapore with as little Muslims as possible?”

The result was a flurry of witty responses that only Singaporeans can give.

One netizen wrote: “Try Orchard road. A little expensive than your normal neighbourhoods but really, there are Muslims in every area possible and they avoid Orchard road for more than the economic reasons. If Orchard road area is too steep for you, you can consider migrating. Or try to live in harmony like a Singaporean will.”

Another helpful netizen suggested an unlikely but fitting venue.

“You want to live in an area of Singapore with as few Muslims as possible?

I got one for you.

It’s a place with open fields and fresh air. You’re surrounded by nature and it’s really peaceful staying there.

It’s the area around 920 Old Choa Chu Kang Road. Only Christians reside here. There’s not a single Muslim there.”

And then there are netizens who seem to pluck statistics out of a hole no one can see.

“Public housing in Singapore has racial quota. The effect is that, all public housing estates have similar ratio of Chinese, Indian, and Malay. Very few Chinese are Muslims, not many Indians are Muslims (there are not that many Indians, anyway), and most Malays are Muslims (but Malays are not that numerous, either). Thus, all public housing estates don’t have many Muslims.

Private housing, on the other hand, has no racial quota. However, Muslims in Singapore tend to be less well-off (to use the polite term), and thus you will less likely see them in private housing.”

What do you think? Will the government sue this racist Quora netizen?

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