Dear A.S.S. Editor

After reflecting for one whole day, i just have to come out and say this. Why is it that two MPs were announced to be returning to the private sector? One is a full time MP, and the other is a Minister of State. I find this very puzzling.

The voters and your constituencies have given you the mandate you asked for. They voted for you. And we expect you to serve us for whole of the period that you were voted in for. True, every news report in the mainstream media will say you will continue to discharge your MP duties, such as still being available for meet the people sessions, and also attending all the grassroots events. But it is not the same, isn’t it? You are no longer just an MP, serving the residents. Now, your paid jobs in the private sector will definitely take precedent. And you cannot now definitely devote 100% of your time to serve the people who voted you, who you promised to serve. Is this fair?

In the first place, why the need to go back to the private sector? Are you already not paid enough? Or the MP job too easy for you, that you need a new challenge? It does seem like the concept of a full time MP is apparently alien to the ruling party. So, all this time you promised to work for the residents, who have voted for you, is not exactly true? Seriously, if you are double or even triple hatting, how can you give 100% to your residents? Can someone explain this?

Seah JF

A.S.S. Contributor

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