A video of a drunk man harassing a taxi driver posted yesterday by netizen Yan Ting has caused a new surge of anger among Singaporean netizens, with many calling for the man's identity to be exposed for bullying the elderly Chinese taxi driver.

The video posted yesterday showed the man using a large stash of cash to taunt the taxi driver, who could be heard trying to defuse the situation and asking the man to let him go.

According to screenshots of a conversation between the taxi driver and his own group of friends on WhatsApp, the passenger had quarrelled with his girlfriends in the taxi and was venting his frustrations on the older man.

After news of this story broke, a friend of the man's ex-girlfriend sent a message to expose his identity.

She claims that the man, Gary Lim, is the boss of a famous chicken rice stall in Singapore. She added that the man had "abused" her friend in a previous relationship.

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