Sungei Road market will soon be gone along with our identity and culture. So much for wanting to preserve our heritage when we end up letting developers steal the market anyway. Where has our kampung spirit gone?

“Seeing this piece of living history disappear is really sad.
for all the talk about kumpong spirt it seems like we are laying this one to rest, i urge all singaporeans to go there and check the place out!
It is as close to the kumpong as you can get in singapore, the vendors have their own stories of a side of singapore we don’t usually see, beyond the economic miracle and rising skyscrapers , this place reminds singapore of its humble beginnings.
It’s very existence is a great metaphor for singapore, to the untrained eye all and the ignorant all you will see are a bunch of grumpy old people selling rubbish, but look deeper you will see the pioneers of singapore and the treasures hidden within their shops.
We want to preserve history the same was humanity preserved the dodo bird, in museums and textbooks insteading of letting the place be a living breathing exhibition.
The ironic thing is, the thieves market is getting stolen by hungry land developers and singaporeans are being robbed of our identity and culture.”

Ben Matchap
A.S.S. Contributor

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