I really need advice on this. I am currently a contracted employee working in sales line. I have no basic, only paid commission, and paid REIMBURSEMENT for transport ONLY if I have closed 5 deals for that month, which is CAPPED at $85. (The adult concession is $120/month, the reimbursement doesn’t even fully cover that.)

After working for 2 months, I decided to quit, and have given 1-month notice in advance. Unfortunately, I fell down before giving my resignation letter, didn’t realize the severity of the fall. I still have been working dutifully after the fall, and only went to see the doctor today because I was already limping from the pain. The doctor gave me 10 days MC after diagnosing the severity of my fall. I was even given referral letter for follow up at hospital. So I told my boss immediately to inform her of my 10 days mc. And I don’t know what happened and she threw a bunch of MOM web links at me, and demanded that I PAY BACK that 10 days of MC. Because she says that the MC sort off cut short my notice period. She even got a colleague KINDLY tell me off that if I keep taking MC after MC, I can siam the notice period. (Honestly, I did not think of this.)

WHAT THE HELL. I don’t understand why I should pay back my MC when I am genuinely unfit for work. And she threatened to terminate me, and cut all the commission I’ve earned by 85%, leaving me with 15% of my hard earned money. I’m truly confused. I did not ask her to pay me basic for the 10 days, and only requesting for the duration to rest.

I really seek professional opinion from all of you, if under the law, I am obliged to give back that 10 days. Or can she terminate me while I’m on MC or cut my commission.

Each month I am already paying more out of my pocket to pay for the transportation to meet the transportation demand of the job. Do I really have to give in to her?

-Despaired Boy
A.S.S. Contributor

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