I visited DBS Woodlands Civic Branch to deposit my coins, I had counted last night at home with my family members as witnesses the total $1 coin = $199. After deposited the coins, the figure come out to be $126.
After the transaction I took the phone beside the machine and called the bank, I told CS Officer Ms Ellen about what had happened, there was a shortage of $73, I need help. She said she will check with the relevant department and revert to me within 3 working days = Wednesday.

Fine, I waited. Wednesday (26/Apr), no call from DBS. I called the hotline again, this time was attended by Ms Halima, repeated the whole incident playback, same things, she said she will check and this time, need 3 to 5 working days, from the day i deposited then 5 working days will be Friday (today 28/Apr).

Fine, i waited till now almost 430pm, I decided I need to call DBS hotline, I need update of the status of the missing $70+. These are hard earned money how can i just let them take away without any reason.

This time, CS Ms Haryati picked the call, again, repeated the playback and asked her how is the status? I am sure all conversation or action are recorded into their system. She told me she need to check with Ms Halima as she had took action. I was like ??? Already the 5th working days, there is still no update.

Ms Halima returned my call finally and told me she received no reply from their claim department. So coin deposited is handled by “Claim department”. Meaning there is no answer to my missing $70+ coins.

Why DBS cannot simply do a quick check and restore the missing money? Shouldn’t bank services be more efficient than other service industry?

Can anyone help to advice?

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