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The police have confirmed that a 43 year old man has been arrested in connection with the recent spate of vandalism in several areas in Bugis. The police have reportedy received several reports of vandalism on the facades of the National Design Centre, Fu Lu Shou Complex, The Prospex, OG Albert and Bugis+ Shopping Centre on Monday.

The suspect was finally arrested at Hougang Avenue 8 on Thursday, after referring to closed-circuit television images. Police also confirmed that they seized a marker pen, a bicycle and some clothing. The vandalism came to light on Monday, when some Chinese words were scrawled on walls and pillars in several areas at Bugis. The messages appear to include a gang number and the name of a person, followed by the Chinese words: “Come out if you dare.”

Apparently, the Police have dared and taken the man on with his challenge. The man will now find out if his brilliant idea of scrawling on public properties will land him in that most private of places, that of a jail cell. Not sure how the man figured he can get away from the Law with all the CCTV around.

Teo HS

A.S.S. Contributor

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