When Alex first received word about a car explosion at Bukit Batok East Avenue 3 from his friends, he could not believe his luck.

Alex, who runs a car rental business, had earlier in the day reported on Facebook about a rogue hirer who went missing with one of his Nissan CNG cars.

Only a few hours later the same day, he received messages from friends informing him that the very same man who ran off with his car had been involved in an explosion, with his video splashed all over social media. The exploded car was none other than his missing rental vehicle.

According to car experts, the man might have been trying to dismantle some part of the CNG fuel system, which may have made it unstable, causing an explosion.

The identity of the victim cum alleged scammer is Dwight T Soriano. Soriano had previously been jailed 17 months for cheating $30,000 from online shopping scams in October 2015.

See the video here.

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