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As news began to slowly emerge of the unfortunate accident at an Ang Mo Kio carpark where the husband reversed without fully checking what was behind him and ended up driving his car into his wife and several parked motorbikes, we find out little by little the unfortunate woman behind the accident was.

The first reports that came out just noted her as a 64 year old woman, knocked down by husband, and succumbing to injuries. Then, it emerged that the dead woman was actually a long serving civil servant with the Ministry of Manpower. Finally today, we are informed by the media that the dead woman was a senior deputy director at the Ministry of Manpower’s foreign manpower management division. That is quite a high civil servant post. So high, in fact, that former Manpower Minister Tan Chuan Jin even posted a message on his Facebook page, about how dedicated and respected she was, and that they had lost a well-loved colleague.

While this was a sad accident, and no one should have lost their lives in such tragic circumstances, how come a Minister only post about how well respected the unfortunate woman was? Probably because of her high ranking, then she is well remembered. Don’t know how many MPs actually posted their condolences to the family of the boy who died in unfortunate circumstances when a goalpost fell on him. He died a day earlier than the senor deputy director at MOM. Also in tragic circumstances. Didn’t see any Ministers react as such on his Facebook page. Why ah?

Condolences to both families, on their lost of loved ones, under such unfortunate accidents. Whether you were a well respected colleague with a high ranking post, or a student with a whole life ahead of you, nobody deserve to leave this earth tragically and unexpectedly.

Lim HM

A.S.S. Contributor

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