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The fishing boat captain was finally allowed to return home after being detained by Indonesia since Aigust last year for allegedly trespassing in Indonesian waters.

Fishing boat captain Ricky Tan Poh Hui had pleaded guilty and was sentenced to six months probation and a 5 million rupiah fine. While he is now free to go, the process of letting him go free from detention from Indonesian authorities may still take a week. Wonder why that long to let him go free, even when their courts had sentenced him.

He was the second boat captain from Singapore to have been detained. Soo Chiau Huat was also detained n April last year, after his fishing vessel was caught in Indonesian waters. He had been cleared from illegal fishing by the authorities there, but is still languishing in jail for immigration offences.

Two boat captains, two of them still in Indonesian jails. Lesson for everyone else? Is our authorities trying their best to help the two boat captains?

Francis Yee

A.S.S. Contributor

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