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MP Tin Pei Ling has been reported as having accepted a job at an investment firm, a Singapore company called Jing King Tech Group, and will start work in May 2017. She will relinquish that very rare of roles, that as a full time MP under the PAP banner.

The Singapore firm Tin Pei Ling will be working at is firmly positioned in the innovation and FinTech space. She had been a full time MP for 6 years, ever since she was first elected in 2011. Now that she is relinquishing the full time role, will she give as mush back to the people who voted her in? She has already said that the new job gives her enough flexibility to discharge her MP duties. But how can that be possible? From a full time MP where her attention is solely focused on her ward, she is now a part time MP, where her attention will be divided between her ward, which she was elected for and getting paid handsomely as an MP for, her new job, which she is paid to do actual work. and as a mother to her 2 year old son.

Now just think about that. Will the MP that was voted for by her residents really have enough time to discharge her duties like she did as a full time MP? But of course, this is nothing new. Actually, her role as a full time MP itself was a rarity among People’s Action Party politicians. They hold other positions apart from being MP. So much for their campaign promises as serving the people. Yes, they will serve the people. On their own time and terms.

Wang M W

A.S.S. Contributor

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