A PRC man, Chen Zhengliang, aged 39, attacked a motorcyclist with a hammer after he confronted him over a road incident that occurred along Bukit Batok road. The motorcyclist, Mohamed Akbar Sha, aged 26, managed to dodge the hammer blow, but dislocated his left shoulder in the process.

The motorcyclist was riding his bike in the third lane of the three-lane road along Bukit Batok Road when he encountered Chen who was driving his lorry in the middle lane. Chen then cut into the lane Akbar was riding in without checking his blindspot, ignoring the horns from the motorcyclist. Akbar just managed to avoid the lorry and drive past it. Akbar made an angry gesture at Chen who responded with his middle finger. The two of them stopped their vehicles by the side of the road. As Akbar went over to confront Chen, he came out of his lorry swinging a hammer at him. Akbar managed to dodge the attack and shouted for help. Two witnesses came over and managed to stop further attacks from the angry China man.

Mr Chen was arrested and jailed for 3 months for voluntarily causing hurt with a dangerous weapon. At the time of the incident, he had been working for Chuan Transport.

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