The racism in Europe, Canada, and Australia, barely extends to more than those towards Muslims and Blacks. You never hear about racism against Indians in the same way you get racism against Muslim and Blacks.

We usually get stereotyped as “the good people” and the “friends of white nationalists”.

Muslims get a lot of racism in the West, but Muslims also have more problems with integration than they do in Singapore (religion can be a strong drive to segregate oneself, and Europeans never forcibly told them that it was wrong not to integrate due to the liberal values); once the ideological problems are sorted out, I think racism will die down.

I would also say that colorism wasn’t a major issue in the West, but recently we’ve seen a lot of colorism and racism [and sexual racism] in the media against Indians; there are more Indians in Singaporean media, and discussion about colorism against Indians is more vibrant.

But one thing I love about Singapore is the ability to keep our culture and links with our homelands; people here just don’t care if you spend most of your time speaking to Chinese friends on in Mandirin, or spend all your time on r/india. It’s possible to be really diverse and have a variety of political viewpoints, and yet still live among each other in peace.

I don’t think there is anywhere else where one can be so openly connected with both one’s religion and one’s homeland, without being told that you’re weird, or losing all your friends. I don’t think that it’s acceptable to be openly into a non-western ideology (e.g. Confucianism or Hinduism) in western countries, nor do I think that living on a diet of non-western media would make you any friends with westerners.

And we don’t have identity politics in Singapore. We don’t have the idea that Indians are right-wing and Blacks are left-wing (as in Australia or Canada), and we don’t bring religion into politics too much.

The assimilation that Singapore practices is far better than the assimilation practiced in the West. It means that everyone gets along yet gets to do what they want – a more practical form of freedom.

A.S.S. Contributor

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