A Filipino, Villalobos Ruel Salazar, 39, was jailed 4 months for taking nude videos of a Pinay flatmate while she was showering. He had taken a total of 10 videos during the time he was living with her and 3 other Pinays in a flat at Telok Blangah.

Salazar also admitted that it first started when he took a upskirt video of the victim from under the table while they were eating dinner with their Philippines countrymen. Salazar said he did this because the woman did not wear a bra and that caused him to become aroused. This motivated him to take more upskirt videos of her and he also recorded her showering. He would then upload the videos onto his company laptop for private viewing.

Salazar described his method of taking videos of the woman while she was showering. Whenever she entered the bathroom to take a shower, he would stand on a chair and hold out his mobile phone, positioning it right outside the bathroom window to capture the scene. Not satisfied with just one video, he continued to do it. He did this successfully on 5 occasions. Unfortunately for Salazar, one day, the woman noticed the mobile phone outside the window and splashed water at it. She confronted Salazar who came up with the weak excuse that he had been at the window because he was trying to hang a rag.

Salazar ended up paying the victim over $28,000 in compensation and sent her a letter apologizing for his actions. He was also sentenced to 4 months in jail.

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