Dear A.S.S. Editor

Read with amusement the calls by counsellors and MPs about the need for tighter rules on jackpot machines and operations as these venues provide an easy and accessible outlet for gambling. These venues include heartland football stadiums, suburban malls and social clubs where there are private clubhouses with jackpot rooms filled with jingling fruit machines.

Funny, because the calls only come now in the wake of the CAD investigations on the alleged misuse of Club funds in the FAS and Bill Ng saga. These clubhouses have been around for ages, and their presence and the income they generated are not exactly secrets. In fact, many times a football club have indicated that they jackpot machines are actually a steady source of huge income for their clubs to run their operations.

Funny, because now the MPs are all making noises, when in fact the could have done so before this become a matter of public interest. Are these MP jumping on the bandwagon to make their presence known, and their roles as MP, relevant?

Funny, because at the centre of this storm, was an ex MP and PAP man himself, Zainudin Nordin. He certainly did not voice out for tighter rules on jackpot operations. He, of all people, should know about the existence of the machines. After all, he was the FAS president. He cannot claim ignorance, can he?

William Lee

A.S.S. Contributor

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