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Today i hit a neighboring country bike.

He tried to do a last min right turn from first lane right at the cross junction, the turning lane is at 3rd lane i at lane 2. i couldn’t stop in time and impact at my left front side, i e-brake but still hit him at a reduced speed but he still fell and skid for a few meters. No serious injury to car (paint marks scratches no dents) or person (torn clothing and abrasive damage for him). Issue is privately settled between me and the biker.

more interestingly i meet few groups of people in the short 40 mins at the crime scene.

– got 2 chinese uncles (60 and above) passer-by, while i talking to the biker after helping him to the side can come in interrupt and ask whose wrong, got video and what happened, almost like if got video i should show it to him. After i ignore and told them i will talk to police they go disturb the injured guy resting/sitting on the road and talk to him in malay

– 1 uncle on a bike (50s) while at the junction shout to us very angrily for the 1-2 mins that we should not block the road side (moved both vehicle to the road side after the junction taking up one lane) and should drive elsewhere to settle. He shout like we are committing a big crime very angrily and say move off to other place and don’t block road if no serious injury, his direction not even the side i am blocking

– the 3rd person is the most interesting, chinese uncles (60 and above). He came over from the factory area nearby. he tried to convince me don’t call police, and that his company is nearby and we should engage his service for the best results. That we should both party go to his workshop and play the video recording in his workshop, apportion the blame % and then privately settle base on his repair cost. He threatened huge amount of fine/demerit points for the accident and many hours of needing to be at police station if we don’t listen to his wise words. After i lost a little bit of temper at him he ignore me and spoke to the injured guy in Malay to argue his case. And when passer-by walk by to see see look look, he say very loudly to them i am very difficult and made the whole thing very hard to settle by going through the official route and will get both parties into trouble with my bad behavior and will cost everyone alot of money and demerit points.

Final group, the officials involved, paramedics, NTUC income orange force, TP were all top class. The fastest response is NTUC (within 10 mins), followed by TP (10-15mins), lastly Paramedics (15-20mins) all score top points in this incident. All settled efficiently and professionally and after treatment we drive off to nearby carpark to settle, all the official documents templates are available with NTUC income guy depending on how you want to pursue.

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