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The basic idea behind the bike sharing scheme is actually very good. With their convenience, as they can be activated anywhere nearby where you are, and their low rental rates, these shared bicycles can become an integral part of Singapore’s future transportation needs over short distances.

All one has to do is use a mobile app to lock and unlock the bicycles, which can be collected from and returned at any bike rack or parking space available. They can be effective in solving the first- and last-mile commute between home and public transport, such as MRT stations and bus interchanges, giving another push towards a car-lite society. However, the recent spate of abuse of the service and vandalism of the bikes have somewhat diminished the bike sharing scheme.

Photos showing the bikes being chained outside HDB units, thrown into canals, and even a case of a bike being repainted so the user can claim it as his own have emerged via social media. Thus, how are we going to benefit from such schemes? True, the bad apples may only represent a minority of the users, but as long as vandalism and abuse occurs, there is very little chance for the scheme to actually take off big time.

Sad fact is, bad apples are everywhere. They will vandalise and abuse the system, without thought for others. So, instead of social media showing the aftermath of these vandalised bikes, maybe it is time we show the face of the vandals themselves?

Rainie Soh

A.S.S. Contributor

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