Dear All Singapore Stuff,

On 26 April 2017, my neighbour and I were waken up by renovation sound and We were actually Residents from Block 668, Chander Road. The noise was generated by this store called College Collections located along the Main Road, 125 Serangoon Road. The renovation noise was generated at wee hours in the morning at about 2.30am.

Can anyone imagine how loud was the noise since it actually woke us up from our sleep? We ranged up the police and the police took control of the case.There are a lot of incidents happening around this area. From Jan 2017, it started off with a case of FT masturbating with neighbour’s clothes, then beginning of April, a bicycle theft evolving to become a complaint against plain clothes police officer.

Now in exactly 3 weeks time, i have a case of inconsiderate neighbours doing renovation works in wee hours. We Residents are appealing that either relevant authorities step in to help us in our issues or the shop owners in this area please be more considerate for your neighbours here because we have old folks and young kids at home sleeping.

SOS calls to relevant authorities had been sent lots of times previously so please do not turn our SOS call into deaf ears.

Kelvin Meng
A.S.S. Contributor

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