A China man was jailed for 16 months for slashing his fellow countryman with a rusty penknife.

Wang Fuguo, aged 40, used a rusty penknife to slash his colleague Wang Dayu on the left of his neck and right arm. The incident took place at Cellini Design Center at Changi North Crescent on October 21 last year.

The supervisor wanted the two men to report for work an hour earlier the next day because there was going to be a shipment of goods arriving and these would need to be unpacked. The victim relayed this message to Wang Fuguo but was not sure if he had heard him.

The next day, Wang Fuguo came at 7:45 am, claiming that he had not been told about the earlier reporting time. They argued in the warehouse and the argument became heated. Wang lost his temper and swung a penknife at his colleague, slashing him on the neck and right arm. The penknife blade broke and a rusted piece of the blade was embedded in the victim’s neck. Co-workers came quickly and managed to separate the China men. The victim was sent to the hospital where he was warded for 4 days and given a month’s worth of hospitalization leave.

Wang was arrested. For causing injury with a weapon, he could have been jailed up to 7 years, fined or caned.

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