When I read the news just a short while ago about a car explosion in a HDB carpark, my heart sank and I was almost convinced it was a terrorist attack.

Although the Straits Times says the case is probably just a case of motor vehicle fire, there are many questionable details that make me wonder if it is really so simple as that.

First and foremost, what caused the explosion? The Straits Times report says that the explosion was caused by “some contents inside the car”. It really makes me wonder why someone would carry around material that could explode at any moment, unless the driver in question was planning to build some kind of IED?

The police need to get to the bottom of this.

Second, this incident makes it very clear that Singaporeans are being too complacent in our safety and security. Even if this incident is not a terrorist bombing, the fact that we allowed someone to carry around explosive material in his car shows how easily we could have let a terrorist drive a car bomb around Singapore.

What if the next time the bomb doesn’t go off prematurely and hits targets like Orchard Road or MRT stations? How many Singaporeans would lose their lives over our apathy!

I demand that the Singapore Police Force do a thorough investigation of this incident and the driver. The Minister for home affairs, Mr Shanmugam, should also look into devising more ways to prevent people from transporting explosives in their vehicle.

A.S.S. Contributor

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