The old man at the center of the online storm for sexually harassing and slapping a Caucasian American on the MRT has apologized for his actions and says his actions are a result of an anxiety attack and being drunk.

In a video posted on Facebook on 19 April by Joe DeMarini, the 70 year-old man could be heard demanding for sex from a Caucasian man on the MRT. After a scuffle, the older man slapped the Caucasian and continued his sexually abusive rant.

Over the course of the video, the older man could be heard saying: “I know you’re gay, so let’s fuck.””

The Caucasian lodged a police report on 21 April at 3.59PM, which led to the man’s arrest at Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1 at 10PM on the same day.

Chinese reporters who interviewed the elderly man have identified him as a Mr Yan, who has a son and a daughter.

He claims that he does not remember the argument but said that he remembers feeling uncomfortable with the “strange gay-like gesures” that DeMarini had made towards him. He only wanted to tell DeMarini to stop what he was doing, but suffered an anxiety attack when he confronted the Caucasian, which resulted in his crazy outburst.

Mr Yan denies wanting have sex with the American on the MRT, adding that he has been seeing a psychiatrist for depression for the past 2 years and is on medication. 2 weeks before the incident, his condition became worse because of family problems.

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