Recently our group, Happy People Helping People Foundation did a survey to find out more about the problems our senior citizens living in rented HDB flats are facing and we found out that many of them are having difficulty paying their bills. There are many among them who are using the PAYU (Pay-As-You-Use) System in their homes because they are not able to fulfill their monthly commitment of paying bills. There are also many that owes Singapore Powers a great sum for not paying their bills for months. While there are many who seeks help through SSO & MP, results often do not come immediately and many end up living in the darkness of their small flat. This can be especially dangerous for elderlies because of their failing eyesight.

Many of these elderlies are either staying alone or with another person who is also an elderly. We hope that our government may consider, waiving electricity charges for our senior citizens especially those who are staying in rented flats because many of them are no long working and a handful of them are earning very little by selling tissue paper, selling recycled cans and cardboard boxes. Growing old without support and care from children can be very difficult for many of these seniors. Imagine all the possible accidents that can occur if they continue to live in the dark. It is also not uncommon for seniors staying alone to meet with accidents in the house and passed away without anyone knowing until a few days later when the body starts to rot and smell. With electricity, we can cut down the risk of such accidents.

If you agree that it is dangerous for senior citizens to stay in a flat without electricity, please help us sign this petition. Please also share this petition and urge friends to do the same.

Together we can change the future for our seniors. One day we will all be one.

Sign the petition below:

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