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When will people ever learn that feeding wild animals just for their own personal gain, or thinking that the animals need to be fed, are actually doing these animals more harm than good? A nature photographer was fined yesterday for flouting the law by feeding the birds at Botanic Gardens, just to get good pictures of these birds.

This was the second case in seven months. The first one had a photographer feeding endangered grey-headed fish eagles with live fish injected with air at Bukit Batok Town Park. People must relaise that by feeding the birds, we are actually endangering them. Other than potentially causing imbalances in the animals’ diet, baiting also alters their natural behaviour, which can lead to negative side effects, as in the case of macaques in Segar Road, he noted. People fed the monkeys there, and they started entering residents’ flats, stealing food and biting humans.

The fear of humans will be eliminated if we keep doing that. The macaques are now attacking residents at Segar. The birds will lose their fear of humans, and tragic consequences may occur such as not moving away from approaching vehicles. The risk of diseases spreading should also be taken into account.

So, the next time before you think about feeding animals, think again. You are being irresponsible to the animals themselves.

Jack Cheong

A.S.S. Contributor

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