I am writing this with the intention of getting more signatures to submit a successful petition to our PM Lee Hsien Loong, so far I have about 1000 supports from motorists in Singapore to ban heavy vehicles like buses from CBD during peak hours.

Reason being, there are just too many buses there plying the streets of Orchard, Bras Basah and Shenton Way and the roads are always congested enough already, we can’t possibly be giving way to them all the time as they are slow and giving way may seem like a 3 second thing, but once the person who give way meets a red light, it means extra 3 to 5 minutes of delay and we are going to be late for work.

The roads there would require buses to flush two lanes out to go straight or keep right in order for them to turn right, I have submitted feedback to LTA asking buses and heavy vehicles to refrain from turning right in the CBD area and to detour to avoid right turns as it is very dangerous.

So now I hope garner more support for my petition to be successful, with so many accidents involving heavy vehicles, it’s high time we ban them from entering CBD during peak hours where traffic are super heavy, there’s is always the MRT, taxis, grab and uber that commuters and take from a nearby MRT station to work or just hitch someone else’s ride.

My message to LTA, it’s really high time to ban heavy vehicles during peak hours in CBD for the safety of the more than 60,000 car owners on the roads.

Please help by sharing this up, I need to garner as many support as possible, please support for the safety of all road users!

A.S.S. Contributor

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