Dear A.S.S. Editor

I don’t understand all these parents that sends their kids to childcare. Many times the centres would have informed them via letters and teachers telling them via their children’s logbook, but they can still claim ignorance.

I saw one such parent today. The kids at the centre were supposed to bring an empty clean bottle for some art lessons. This was communicated to parents via logbook, which parents had to read and sign everyday, and via a piece of notice given to them, placed in the child’s school bag. You cannot miss it, unless you never take out stuff from the bag, which is impossible. This communication happened more than two weeks before the child was supposed to bring the bottle.

And the parents were reminded again via a second logbook communication just the day before. Impossible for you to miss it. Yet, when the day came, this parent insisted that her child did not know about this, and she was not informed. How could that be! Everyone who heard her knew she was lying, that she didn’t even bother to read her child logbook. With this kind of parent, wonder how the kid will grow up to be. Just like the mother, perhaps. More bad apples coming our way.

Jillian Goh

A.S.S. Contributor

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