I would like to share a positive story that has happened to me a recently.

As a result of many incidents during the past year, on this particular day, I was feeling extremely helpless and tired. I happen to book a Comfort cab to travel to Marsiling, and on the cab, I met this super kind Indian taxi driver. I was actually holding back my tears at the back seat, not very willing to talk, but the uncle started talking and joking to me.

At the start I just replied as I would to any strangers, however, the casual conversation kind of lighten up my mood along the way to my destination. He was talking to me about TOTO and encouraged me to buy, but my reply was ” Uncle, I never had luck in my life”.

At the end of the trip, he gave me $10 and asked me to buy a ticket.

He said, ” If you don’t have luck, I would share it with you, take a chance”.

That totally left a smile on my face.Its not about the money but rather, I don’t think things happen just because they do, I am very thankful to this Indian uncle who has made an effort to make my day. I would like to tell uncle that:

“It has been a blessing to meet you, thank you for going an extra mile to make this passenger of yours feel better, even though you didn’t need to. Your small act, the conversation during the 30 minutes journey has made me more positive throughout the day, allowing me to remember that, I do have luck in meeting nice people. I hope this luck goes on, and allow me to thank you in person one day.”

A.S.S. Contributor

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