With regards to the post earlier that support has been gathered to ban heavy vehicles from the CBD during peak hours, I have a strong opinion to make.

Like it or not, the jams there is not caused by buses, I have to agree that there are too many bus services ranging from those government bus services and also private bus services like Scheme B and Premium and authorities ought to reduce the number of buses there if there is no need for so many buses there.

However, the jams are particularly caused by motorists and pedestrians not giving way to one another, give an example, I was in a SBS bus at Shenton Way this morning and there was a private bus doing Premium 590 in front of me, the bus exited the bus stop in order not to jam up the bus stop, but had problems filtering to the 2nd left lane because cars were whizzing and not giving way, causing the bus to stop on the left lane and cause a jam.

My argument is that if everyone slows down and give way to each other on the roads, there shouldn’t be much of a jam on the roads. I am a car owner as well and I always give way to one another too. It’s nothing at all.

To add on, it really saddens me that we have to resort to punishment to teach these motorists a lesson, so therefore, I hope authorities look into installing cameras at every lamp posts to fine motorists who don’t give way to others as well, especially buses and heavy vehicles.

A.S.S. Contributor

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