A 84 year old man, Lim Meng Hoe, fell into Pandan river and drowned in October last year.

He was working as an engineer for Pan United Shipping. He had gone to the shipyard at Pandan road to repair the engine of a tugboat. Mr Lim fell into the river when he tried to jump across the 90 cm gap from one tugboat to another.

As he was not wearing a life vest, he drowned. His body was found 2 hours later.

Poor safety procedures were blamed for this incident. As the boats were parked parallel to each other, Mr Lim would have had to cross four or five tugboats before reaching the boat he was supposed to repair.

This is a feat that no 84 year old man would have been expected to do. Even if Mr Lim had managed to jump from the first boat to the second, he would have had to survive a few more jumps before he could reach the engine of the boat he was sent to repair.

“It is unsafe for people to traverse the length of six vessels by hopping over the gaps between the vessels. This is especially so for older people like Mr Lim and where the crosser is crossing alone without a life vest,” said State Coroner Marvin Bay.

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