Dear A.S.S. Editor

Based on news reports, Batam authorities had conducted raids over the weekend at some of their nightspots. it was not made known what the raid was for, although the raid was jointly conducted by the Batam immigration authorities and supported by navy personnel.

Six Singaporean youths were among 35 foreigners arrested, although it was made known they were arrested for failure to produce their travel documents. Amongst the Singaporean youths arrested at the entertainment area often frequented by foreigners was a 16 year old, who was with his friends for holiday in Batam.

I don’t care what the raid was about, but the fact that a 16 year old was on holiday in Batam, and was caught partying at a entertainment hotspot in Batam, certainly raised serious questions. What was a 16 year old doing partying away in a entertainment area frequented by foreigners, on his Batam holiday. The 16 year old probably would not have been allowed in to any of Singapore’s main entertainment clubs.

If this is how the youths of Singapore plans their holidays, then this is a really sad indictment of our society.

Mary B

A.S.S. Contributor

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