As a middle-aged woman with elderly parents, I was irked when I saw the way the young couple bullied the old man over seats at Toa Payoh Lor 8 hawker centre.

The uncouth woman repeatedly used vulgarities on the old man, calling him “bloody old man”, “farking old man”, “what’s your farking problem”.

The boorish young man used “force” on the old man from behind. According to section 349 of the Singapore Statues, “Force. 349. A person is said to use force to another if he causes motion, change of motion, or cessation of motion to that other, or if he causes to any substance such motion, or change of motion, or cessation of motion as brings that substance into contact with any part of that other’s body, or with anything which that other is wearing or carrying, or with anything so situated that such contact affects that other’s sense of feeling:

Provided that the person causing the motion, or change of motion, or cessation of motion, causes that motion, change of motion, or cessation of motion in one of the following 3 ways:
(a) by his own bodily power;
(b) by disposing any substance in such a manner that the motion, or change or cessation of motion, takes place without any further act on his part, or on the part of any other person;
(c) by inducing any animal to move, to change its motion, or to cease to move.”

Hence I’ve started a petition for the old man, and all elderly in Singapore

“- To raise awareness that the Silver Generation should be respected, and not abused (verbally, physically)
– To raise funds for the old man to take civil action against the couple for intimidation, verbal abuse, etc
– To petition to MSF to take constructive action to protect the Pioneer generation of Singapore”

Ms Trish Suan
A.S.S. Contributor

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