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SMRT has released its report on their train performances and indicated that The reliability of the North-South (NSL) and Circle MRT Lines (CCL) has seen a marked improvement in the year up to Q1, while the East-West Line (EWL) has maintained its current level of performance.

So, breakdowns are still happening, but at a shorter rate, and less of them are happening. That is a marked improvement, and SMRT must go and report and hope the public clap for them. Actually, if breakdowns still occur, don’t even need to talk about improvement in performance. People will always remember the MRT trains for another breakdown that causes them to be late for work or school.

The SMRT said that further improvements can be expected as older hardware are replaced. Excuses excuses. Of course, the public demands the improvement, and if trains are still breaking down, no one would consider this am improvement, if downtime remains too high.

Yew QS

A.S.S. Contributor

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