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Apparently, news have emerged over the weekend that SMRT is in talks with Grab to sell its taxi business. SMRT is the third largest cab operator, have been in the taxi market for 27 years, and is fully owned by Temasek Holdings.

If even a government owned entity is to be sold to a private-hire operator, does this signal that the private companies running the taxi business are winning the battle? Grab and Uber is surely eating up a big share of the market for SMRT to almost give up now.

Problem now is, SMRT staff are not guaranteed jobs if Grab buys the company, and that is what is holding the deal back, currently. It does seem that SMRT wants to refocus their energy on managing the MRT and LRT lines, and it may be just a matter of time the SMRT taxi business is sold. This cannot be good news to the many SMRT taxi staff.

Peter Tay

A.S.S. Contributor

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