I have an issue with Samsung which i think you may want to share with your readers

I would like to bring to attention on what happened to my Samsung Note 5 phone. I have been using it for 1.5 years and recently it started to overheat when I am charging the phone. The design itself is flawed from the beginning as there is no battery outlet. As a result of overheating, the front plastic film started to peel by itself despite that the phone has never been dropped or got in contact with water before. I even got a tempered glass screen protector on the phone since the beginning.

On 10th March, I went to the Samsung Service Centre at Plaza Singapura to see if they can replace the screen for me and was quoted a ridiculous amount of $260. I said no and requested for their Customer Care Unit to contact me instead. A few days later, a staff by the name of Clarice representing their Customer Care Unit contacted me and when I explained the situation to her, she kept insisting that the peel ‘could’ be due to the physical damage and insist that there is nothing she can do as the phone is out of warranty after 1 year. She also insisted that the peel is definitely not through overheating when she has not even assessed or seen my phone.

When I told her that I am not willing to pay the ridiculous sky high amount and requested for the cost breakdown as to why it cost so much, she started to push the blame again to the phone being out of warranty and she cannot do anything to help. Do note that the $260 is just to replace the front plastic. With this amount, I can use it to purchase a new phone already. Furthermore, I have addressed my concern about safety issues as the peel came out due to overheating and I am worried that the phone may explode when use the phone.

If this is the way Samsung conducts their business and does not care about the safety of their customer (even with the recent cases of exploding note 7 phones), then I believe that the advertisement campaign they have launched recently to claim they have improved their safety check is rubbish. It is only a mere trick to get customers to regain customer’s confidence to put our money with them.

Once something bad happens, they do not take up the responsibility and starts to push away the blame. For the new S8 launch, I encourage everyone to wait till it is absolutely safe before buying as Samsung does not take up any responsibility after 1 year. Think twice before you choose Samsung phones.

A.S.S. Contributor

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