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The bicycle sharing firm Mobike had just announced that they are rolling out 1,000 parking areas designated for its orange bikes by year end. This is to encourage responsible user behaviour and give riders more convenient access to the bikes.

The company had actually already launched 50 such spots, painted orange and marked with the Mobike logo. These can be found at places such as the Singapore Management University, the National University of Singapore, Republic Polytechnic, Velocity @ Novena, United Square, OneKM Mall, 10 Raeburn Park and AMK Industrial Park 2.These parking areas can be located by the company’s app, and will compliment the other available public parking spaces allocated by the authorities.

But will this change the attitude of the bike’s users? We have seen many of the bike sharing companies bicycles just left anywhere that is convenient to the users, including grass patches, HDB staircase landings, and besides the drain. Will these extra parking spaces change the mindset of these users to be more responsible? Only time will tell.

Tan KT

A.S.S. Contributor

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