A Filipino domestic worker, Ck Anaya, has shared this incident which upset her and her friends greatly.

According to the Filipino worker, she and her companions were having a meal at a table near Laurels shop, Block 1 Pandan Valley Condominium, when 2 Chinese women approached them and told them to leave the table. When asked for a reason, they told the maids that they (the aunties) would be having a meeting at that spot and would like to use the table.

When the maids asked to be allowed to finish their meal, the elder of the 2 Chinese women told them to hurry up and go as they wanted the space, to which one of the maids asked if the women were residents there. The women said they were and insisted on having their way, which infuriated the group of domestic workers.

She wrote: “My friend ask them what time is there meeting? They said 11, so she told them, ‘ok were going in a minute after finishing our meal.’ The food was still at the table when suddenly the elder woman said, ‘Can you all go away, we’re having a meeting here.’ My friend got annoyed and asked her if she’s resident of Pandan Valley Condo and she said yes. So my friend told her that everyone can use the table, all of a sudden this elderly woman said that you’re ONLY A MAID here not resident.

“The elderly lady continue talking saying ALL FILIPINO maid are RUDE. Just because we answer back, we are rude? Our employer never treat us that way,they treated us fair,human being with feelings…

“So who is rude here? How would you feel when you are in the middle of having your meal and told to go away without even saying PLEASE. It’s because we are ONLY MAID here in Singapore….WHAT A RACIST.”

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