Picked up one of the best rider yesterday. Accepted him for 9pm booking. He gave me a very detailed description of the drop off point. But told him will confirm the timing after dinner time. He told me his timing is flexible so given the time to prepare my kid, I told him 930pm pick up. He agreed swiftly in a nice and steady manner.

Preparation was done pretty quick so I apologized to him that the time to be brought forward to 915pm. He agreed without any hesitation. Board in my car. Greeted me and of course my little boss at the back in the car seat. Then I apologized again for adjusting pick up time but he was all ok and told me he understands that this is hitch. So should give in to driver’s timing. I was like WOAH! Thank you for your understanding man.

Chit chat with him all the way from jurong to hougang and of course my wife joined in the topic we were talking about. Although the journey took about 30-40 mins but I feel it was 15 mins ride. ( maybe we really talk cock too much ya)

The way I appreciate from him as a rider

1. Always standby exact cash if paying cash

2. Provide detailed pick up point for better reference ( for driver )

3. Straight away open front passenger door and took front seat when seeing is empty.

4. Knowing that hitch is along the way so don’t mind sharing at all.

5. Basic manner greeting the driver but he went further by greeting my little boss and wife behind at the back seat. ( little boss chuckle a little )

6. Chat all the way and ensuring it wasn’t a boring trip for the driver. ( subjective to riders I would say. I do understand riders wanna have a peace of mind after a long day of work.

7. Last but not least. Close the door gently when alight. I believe the act was not to wake my little boss up and of course not to test the toughness of my door la.


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