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The govt only cares about profits and more profits….. it is the dollars game. Why would they bother about cost of living when ministers all earn millions? Besides, none of the govt ministers and MPs live in any HDB flat, for that matter. They will never understand the peoples’ problems like cost of living. One example is food prices. I was shocked when Tanglin Mall reopened a revamped foodcourt and a can of softdrink costs $2 there now! Obscenely exorbitant!

Every goddamn rejuvenation is just a reason for them to increase the cost of living – food prices, drinks, rental, retail. Everytime an upgrading or renovation we would see prices of things shoot up. Some as ridiculous as 50% increase. From the norm of $1.20 per can of drink in 2008 it shot up to $1.40 in 2010 and then in 2012 it became $1.50. In the past 3yrs it kept creeping up by 10cents till now most places sell a can of drink at $1.80! These people have no shame to increase prices because the govt have no shame in claiming to have made Singapore the Switzerland of South East Asia!

And Singapore is shamelessly the most unhappy country while many undeveloped countries ranked at the top of the happiness ranking. Why? The reason is simply Singaporeans have to struggle to make ends meet. Everything is a struggle to be the best to be the champion to be the most recognised. So even the ranking of Unhappiness we have become Number 1.

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