According to Chinese dailies, local CH8 actress Rui En is in the centre of another controversy, this time over her act of flying into a rage when she could not get a phone to dial the numbers she wanted.

Reports say that at 6PM on 20 April, Rui En appeared at her neighbor’s door asking for a power bank because her phone was dead. The elderly couple at the door told her they did not have a power bank and they invited her in to use their landline.

When Rui En tried dialing her number but could not get through, she threw the phone in anger twice. She finally managed to get a call through to her maid.

The elderly couple told reporters that Rui En appeared impatient and agitated throughout the whole episode and even ordered her elderly neighbors to go upstairs to retrieve some items for her. She did not thank them for their help afterwards.

After the incident broke out on the news, Rui En promptly apologized to her neighbors with a gift basket. The couple have accepted her apology but not the gift basket.

This is the third time the actress has gotten the wrong kind of publicity. In April last year, she knocked over a stationary motorbike at a car park in Clementi, and responded to the rider of the vehicle when confronted: “Do you kow who I am?”

Subsequently in December, she was also captured on video dangerously overtaking another vehicle near a cross junction in Orchard Road.

She has since apologized for both incidents.

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