You do a good job in posting stuff that the world needs to know. However one of the posts got my attention as I was featured in it.


In this article, it’s me who’s been featured. What you’ve mentioned in the post is exactly the opposite of what happened.

The sim lim shop owner got my macbook in for servicing and took over 2 weeks to repair (while initially agreed to return the laptop the next day). Then when I went to his shop to check on it. He only had parts of my macbook in his shop. I asked the person to return my macbook without servicing and I told him that I’m ready to pay for what he’s worked on. Next day he called me and told me that he’s near my house and he’s brought my macbook fixed.

Then he demanded me to pay $380 instead of the $220 he paid earlier. When asked for the parts that he has replaced and the missing parts inside my laptop (CD drive, and a couple more parts) he threatened and harassed me online and offline. He put the pictures taken from my profile and posted online calling me, my son a bastard.

I filed a police report against him. The police have asked me to file a case at the magistrate.

Since there was no immediate action the police could take, I went to his shop and made the payment and asked him to remove the online posts that he’s made. He removed some of the posts. and I requested a receipt to make the payment, the person refused to provide me.

For proof, you can check the shops that are around his shop in Sim Lim level 3. I do have the full videos of what happened there. The person is taking a cropped version of the video and showing as if I threatened him. I have all the videos with me and the police report that I’ve filed against him. If you want a copy, do get in touch. Thanks.

Please don’t spread false news.

A.S.S. Contributor

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