Dear Editors,

If you put aside that the merging 8 JCs are good neighborhood JCs and none are elites where ministers school their children, something is not right if you let the information sink in.

Eunoia JC just started in 2017. Which means to say before they start Eunonia JC, the Ministry would have at least 16 years of birth rates statistics and mortality rates on their table.

And it took them, from jan 2017 to April 2017 to realize that they had over forecasted? Falling birth rates? Who are the ministry bullshitting? Agonized over the closure?

If there is indeed such an acute problem, falling birth rates that resulted in falling entrants, then 16 years ago these information would have been on the table, no?

To close down 4 JCs at one go and yet open a new one in 2017 is terrible and bad planning!

The PAP government touted themselves as “visionaries” who forecast Singapore future and work accordingly. But you are talking about information, statistics that were available since day 01!

Birthrates do not drop overnight! Neither were there famines, plagues or war that decimated huge numbers of people age 1-16? In the past few years? Maybe SARS (cough – bullshit!) took them?

Some ardent PAP supporters want to convince you that PAP forecast therefore PAP closes the 4 JCs.

But I’m telling you if you take eunoia JC into account, then something is not right. Even innova Jc 2005 and pioneer 1999, all these new JCs would already have the forecast student intakes planning on the table then?!

Therefore it is not difficult to hypothesize that “Someone” either made a big mistake or the planning parameters were inclusive of the relax new immigrants policies then until the 2011 GE which force the PAP government to pull the handbrakes on the lax immigrants policies. Because the large short fall in student intake would be from these new immigrants offsprings.

The PAP government is reducing the primary, secondary and JC intakes is direct reflection to indigenous Singaporeans falling birth rates. But the PAP government is also increasing university intakes in anticipation of relax entries for foreign students and post grad foreign students. Then in hoping that these foreign students would later decide to domicile in Singapore and take up residence, the PAP government continues to build more new flats, roads, rails and increase taxes to meet the growing population.

6.9 milion is no longer just a plannng parameter. It is already a target – a moving target to perhaps 7 or even 9 or 10 million.

You voted for PAP, you pay for their consequences.

PAP had never failed the “expectations” – i.e. Their one and only golden bullet, open floodgates for foreigners.

*Singapore Observer*
A.S.S. Contributor

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