Dear Comrades Taxi Drivers,

Prices of water, electricity and bus and train fares will be gng up. But a third party app provider Grab has now controlled all taxi companies except Comfort and set taxi fares. That is not correct. PTC has allowed the taxi companies to set the taxi fares and not a third party app provider. Grab has reduced the taxi fares so much that it is cheaper to call a taxi than to queue at taxi stands or flag down taxis. Comfort has also started fixed fares but they have kept their rates at the current prices inclusive of surcharges.

Comrades don’t let Grab fool you with the incentives. If you do your Maths, you will realise that you lose more when you pick up JustGrab jobs. They are forcing you to do the jobs with the Acceptances rates.

Amidst the competition between Grab, Comfort and Uber, taxi drivers are the end losers. Grab is now reaping huge profits. Grab is not interest in the drivers welfare. Grab had promise more jobs with Grab pay. Ask yourself How many jobs can you do with an hour? At the most 3 or 4. Taxi drivers are not robots who should drive around collecting cheap fares. You should not allow Grab to exploit you with cheap fares. How can Grab set the same fares for cars and taxis when there is so much a difference in the rental rates. Basically Grab has set low fares to pull customers away from Uber and Comfort. Grab is not reaping huge profits at the expenses of taxi drivers. Did Grab consult taxi drivers before setting the fares?

Several emails have been sent to them on this matter but they just refused to address the issues. Grab has gone further to remove classifications of drivers and had given no thought for drivers who had come a long way with Grab from day one.

If Grab is really interested in the drivers welfare then they should do away with the Acceptance rate and just give the incentives as long as you hit the target. But their intention is for you to drop below the AC rate so that they don’t have to pay you.

Comrades Taxi Driver, don’t let Grab fool you and exploit you with their incentives and medisave payments which are not substantial to cover the loses from the JustGrab jobs.

Please pass this around to all taxi drivers. Thanks

This message is from taxi driver I just help to share its abt time to use uber taxi hit grab btw I don’t use grab as Long time ago they already betray taxi driver using private car and even they stop
Using private car I won’t use them anymore yesterday uber taxi trip close to $40 hahahahaha …. delete the grab they will beg u hahahaha. In the first place grab is no match compare to uber cos if grab is strong why they use private car that show that they can’t beat uber cos they no confident in taxi industry . LOL !!!!! U are just an application nothing much !

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