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With the merger of the eight junior colleges into four, some teachers have been quoted as saying that they are worried about their future. We should see this as not just a merger of schools, but also as a massive change in jobs and lives of the staff at the affected junior colleges.

While the MOE had said that no one would lose their jobs, imagine the anxiety of facing the uncertainty of where you are going to be deployed, of parting ways with most of the colleagues who had been in the same school with you for a long time, and the prospect of having an entirely new team of colleagues and students without ever having changed or requested for a change of job deployment. Some of the teachers might even have to teach at other levels, meaning they might have to trade JC teaching to secondary school modules. All these change of environment and possibly job description will just add to the anxiety levels of the teachers.

The question is, why were the teachers only informed almost at the same time as the public were. Didn’t the Ministry and JC think their teachers were important enough to actually been informed much earlier, to prepare them for the eventuality and to face questions from their friends and families?

Tan CH

A.S.S. Contributor

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