Dear A.S.S. Editor,

My friends and I are rather worried about our prospects and future in this current uncertain economic climate as senior staffs, given the continued and uncontrolled influx of foreign workers into Singapore which effectively displaces our employment.

I am working for a Malaysian owned Lab here and they have recently completed revamping their whole HR department to an entirely Malaysian one whose HOD is trying slowly to get rid of local staffs 1 at a time to avoid detection by MOM and not having the need to report those figures.

They have successfully coerced a few into an unfair package of 2 weeks for every year of service when the law states that those who have worked for 2 years are entitled to a month’s remuneration for every subsequent year of service upon retrenchment. When those colleagues contacted MOM, MOM said they cannot do anything (even though its in the law) as foreign companies have the ultimate right to decide their own affairs which got us pondering, then what’s the use of MOM for?

To my horror, I learned from other friends my age group that they too are still facing uncertainty in their present employment at various F&B as they are employed at contract based and 1 of my friends who have been working for the last 3 years has not even been confirmed yet! While Singaporean staffs are employed at these outlets for $1500/-, most of our Malaysian counterparts and Filipinos are hired at least $1800/- and more as most of them are supervisors and managers lording over us!

I am just wondering how did we ever land ourselves into this situation as I had worked hard for the last 40 years of my life to Nation building, paying my taxes and raising children as National Service and now I cannot even enjoy social security in my twilight years? We have a government eager to raise taxes upon victory at every general elections though our salaries have not matched pace, a HDB sales department which cannot wait to repossess houses, evict rental tenants or even confiscate down payments when applicants face sudden unforeseen circumstances. I don’t do bad things in life nor interfere in Politics thus I really cannot understand why are we suffering this bad karma if you may call it?


A.S.S. Contributor

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